This client agreement, together with any Schedule(s), and accompanying documents, as amended from time to time, (this "Agreement") sets out the terms of the contract between the client (hereafter “you”) and A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd (hereafter the “Company” or “us”). Please read it carefully and let us know as soon as possible if there is anything which you do not understand.


In this Agreement:

"Account" means the account you hold with us and designated with a particular account number.

"Applicable Regulations" means:

  1. CYSEC Rules or any other rules of a relevant regulatory authority; and
  2. all other applicable laws, rules and regulations as in force from time to time.

"Associate" means an undertaking in the same group as us, a representative whom we or an undertaking in the same group as us appoint, or any other person with whom we have a relationship that might reasonably be expected to give rise to a community of interest between us and them.

"Business Day" means a day which is not a Saturday or a Sunday and upon which banks are open for business in Cyprus.

"Client Money Rules" means the rules specified in paragraph 18(2)(j) of the Law which provides for the Provision of Investment Services, the Exercise of Investment Activities, the Operation of Regulated Markets and other related matters and the Directives and Circulars issued pursuant to this paragraph, as amended from time to time by CYSEC.

"Contract for Differences" or "CFD" means the financial instrument specified in paragraph (9) of Part III of Third Appendix of the Law which provides for the Provision of Investment Services, the Exercise of Investment Activities, the Operation of Regulated Markets and other related matters.

"Credit Support Provider" means any person who has entered into any guarantee, hypothecation, agreement, margin or security agreement in our favour in respect of your obligations under this Agreement.

"CYSEC" is an abbreviation for “Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission”.

"CYSEC Rules" means the Law which provides for the Provision of Investment Services, the Exercise of Investment Activities, the Operation of Regulated Markets and other related matters, the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities Law, the Directives, Circulars and all other regulations issued pursuant to these Laws and all guidance notes, administrative notices, newsletters and rules published by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Electronic Services" means a service provided by us, for example an Internet trading service offering clients access to information and trading facilities, via an internet service, a WAP service and/or an electronic order routing system.

"Event of Default" means any of the events of default as listed in Clause 14 (Events of Default).

"Execution" means the completion of clients’ orders on A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd’s trading platform.

"OTC" means ‘over the counter’ and refers to transactions conducted otherwise than on an exchange.

"A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd Trading Desk" means the trading desk operated by us at our premises, the Headquarters of A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd.

"A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd Trading System" means the internet-based trading system available at our website that allows you to provide us with instructions.

"Secured Obligations" means the net obligation owed by you to us after the application of set-off under clause 12 (Margining Arrangements) in the paragraph entitled (Set-off on default).

"FX Contract" means a contract between A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd and its Client to exchange two currencies at an agreed exchange rate.

"System" means all computer hardware and software, equipment, network facilities and other resources and facilities needed to enable you to use an Electronic Service.

"Transaction" means any transaction subject to this Agreement and includes a CFD, or forward contract of any kind, future, option or other derivative contract in relation to any commodity, financial instrument (including any security), currency, interest rate, index or any combination thereof and any other transaction or financial instrument for which we are authorized under our Cypriot Investment Firm (“CIF”) license from time to time which we both agree shall be a Transaction.


Scope of this Agreement

This Agreement sets out the basis on which we will provide services to you. This Agreement governs each Transaction entered into or outstanding between us on or after the execution of this Agreement.




This Agreement supersedes any previous agreement between you and us on the same subject matter and takes effect when you indicate your acceptance via our website. This Agreement shall apply to all Transactions contemplated under this Agreement.


Information about us

LegacyFx is owned and operated by A.N. Allnew investments Ltd
A.N. Allnew investments Ltd is a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under the License No. 344/17
Q Tower, 5th floor, Ioanni Kondylaki 47, 6042, Larnaca, Cyprus.


This Agreement is supplied to you in English and we will continue to communicate with you in English for the duration of this Agreement. However, where possible, we will communicate with you in other languages in addition to English.

Communication with us

You may communicate with us in writing (including fax), by email or other electronic means, or orally (including by telephone). Our contact details are set out in Clause 19 (Miscellaneous) under the heading “Notices”. The language of communication shall be English, and you will receive documents and other information from us in English. However, where appropriate and for your convenience, we will endeavor to communicate with you in other languages. Our website contains further details about us and our services, and other information relevant to this Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and our website, this Agreement will prevail.


We shall treat you as a retail client for the purposes of the CYSEC Rules and the Applicable Regulations. You have the right to request a different client categorization. However, if you do request such different categorization and we agree to such categorization, the protection afforded by certain CYSEC Rules and the other Applicable Regulations may be reduced. This may include, but is not limited to:

  1. the requirement for us to act in accordance with your best interests;
  2. our obligation to provide appropriate information to you before providing the services;
  3. the restriction on the payment or receipt by us of any inducements;
  4. our obligation to achieve best execution in respect of your orders;
  5. the requirement to implement procedures and arrangements which provide for the prompt, fair and expeditious execution of your orders;
  6. our obligation to ensure that all information we provide to you is fair, clear and not misleading; and
  7. the requirement that you receive from us adequate reports on the services provided to you.

Legal Age

The Company’s services and products traded are only available to individuals who are at least 18 years old (and at least the legal age in your jurisdiction). You represent and warrant that if you are an individual, you are at least 18 years old and of legal age in your jurisdiction to form a binding contract, and that all registration information you submit is accurate and truthful. The Company reserves the right to ask for proof of age from you and your account may be suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided. The Company may, in its sole discretion, refuse to offer its products and services to any person or entity and change its eligibility criteria at any time.

General interpretation

A reference in this Agreement to a “clause” or “Schedule” shall be construed as a reference to, respectively, a clause or Schedule of this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise. References in this Agreement to any statute or statutory instrument or Applicable Regulations include any modification, amendment, extension or re-enactment thereof. A reference in this Agreement to “document” shall be construed to include any electronic document. The masculine includes the feminine and the neuter and the singular includes the plural and vice versa as the context admits or requires. Words and phrases defined in the CYSEC’s Rules and the Applicable Regulations have the same meaning in this Agreement unless expressly defined in this Agreement.


The clauses contained in the attached Schedule (as amended from time to time) shall apply. We may from time to time send to you further Schedules in respect of Transactions. In the event of any conflict between the clauses of any Schedule and this Agreement, the clauses of the Schedule shall prevail. The fact that a clause is specifically included in a Schedule in respect of one Transaction shall not preclude a similar clause being expressed or implied in relation to any other Transaction. You acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to the Schedules to this Agreement.


Headings are for ease of reference only and do not form part of this Agreement.



Subject to Applicable Regulations

This Agreement and all Transactions are subject to Applicable Regulations so that:

  1. nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or restrict any obligation which we have to you under Applicable Regulations;
  2. we may take or omit to take any action we consider necessary to ensure compliance with any Applicable Regulations;
  3. all Applicable Regulations and whatever we do or fail to do in order to comply with them will be binding on you; and
  4. such actions that we take or fail to take for the purpose of compliance with any Applicable Regulations shall not render us or any of our directors, officers, employees or agents liable.

Action by regulatory body

If a regulatory body takes any action which affects a Transaction, then we may take any action which we, in our reasonable discretion, consider desirable to correspond with such action or to mitigate any loss incurred as a result of such action. Any such action shall be binding on you. If a regulatory body makes an enquiry in respect of any of your Transactions, you agree to co-operate with us and to promptly supply information requested in connection with the enquiry.



You shall pay our charges as agreed with you from time to time, any fees or other charges imposed by a clearing organization and interest on any amount due to us at the rates then charged by us (and which are available on request). A copy of our current charges is published on our website. Any alteration to charges will be notified to you before the time of the change.

Additional costs

You should be aware of the possibility that other taxes or costs may exist that are not paid through or imposed by us.


All payments to us under this Agreement shall be made in such currency as we may from time to time specify to the bank account designated by us for such purposes. All such payments shall be made by you without any deduction or withholding.


Rollovers, Interest

A daily financing charge may apply to each FX/CFD open position at the closing of the Company’s trading day as regard to that FX/CFD. If such financing charge is applicable, it will either be requested to be paid by Client directly to the Company or it will be paid by the Company to Client, depending on the type of FX/CFD and the nature of the position Client holds. The method of calculation of the financing charge varies according to the type of FX/CFD to which it applies. Moreover, the amount of the financing charge will vary as it is linked to current interest rates (such as LIBOR). The financing charge will be credited or debited (as appropriate) to Client’s account on the next trading day following the day to which it relates.

The Company reserves the right to change the method of calculating the financing charge, the financing rates and/or the types of FX/CFDs to which the financing charge applies. For certain types of FX/CFDs, a commission is payable by Client to open and close FX/CFD positions. Such commission payable will be debited from Client’s account at the same time as the Company opens or closes the relevant FX/CFD. Changes in our swap interest rates and calculations shall be at our own discretion and without notice. Clients need to always check our website for the then current rates charged. Rates may change quickly due to market conditions (changes in interest rates, volatility, liquidity etc.) and due to various risk related matters that are at the firm's sole discretion.


The Company provides you with negative balance protection such that your losses can never exceed your account’s Equity. In the event that extreme market conditions result in your account’s Equity being negative, the Company will zero your account


You have a right to cancel this Agreement for a period of fourteen (14) days commencing on the date on which this Agreement is concluded or the date on which you receive this Agreement (whichever is later) (the “Cancellation Period”). Should you wish to cancel this Agreement within the Cancellation Period, you should send notice in writing or electronically to the addresses found in contact us section of our website. Cancelling this Agreement within the Cancellation Period will not cancel any Transaction entered into by you during the Cancellation Period. If you fail to cancel this Agreement within the Cancellation Period, you will be bound by its terms but you may terminate this Agreement in accordance with Clause 17 (Termination Without Default).


Execution only

We deal on an execution only basis and do not advise on the merits of particular Transactions, or their taxation consequences.

Own judgement and suitability

Without prejudice to our foregoing obligations, in asking us to enter into any Transaction, you represent that you have been solely responsible for making your own independent appraisal and investigations into the risks of the Transaction. You represent that you have sufficient knowledge, market sophistication, professional advice and experience to make your own evaluation of the merits and risks of any Transaction and that you have read and accepted the Risk Disclosure Statement and guidelines in relation to the financial instruments and the markets which are available in our websites. We give you no warranty as to the suitability of the products traded under this Agreement and assume no fiduciary duty in our relations with you.

Incidental information

Where we do provide generic trading recommendations, market commentary or other information:

  1. this is incidental to your dealing relationship with us. It is provided solely to enable you to make your own investment decisions and does not amount to advice;
  2. where information is in the form of a document containing a restriction on the person or category of persons for whom that document is intended or to whom it is distributed, you agree that you will not pass it on to any such person or category of persons;
  3. we give no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of such information or as to the tax consequences of any Transaction;
  4. you accept that prior to dispatch, we may have acted upon it ourselves or made use of the information on which it is based. We do not make representations as to the time of receipt by you and cannot guarantee that you will receive such information at the same time as other clients. Any published research reports or recommendations may appear in one or more screen information service.

Conflicts of interest policy

Please refer to our conflicts of interest policy for further information on how we manage conflicts which would affect the impartiality of investment research we provide to you. Upon request, we will provide you with any further details in that regard.



Before you can place an order with the Company, you must read and accept this Agreement, including the risk disclosure statement, the trading policies and procedures as listed in Clause 9 below, and all applicable addenda, you must deposit sufficient clear funds in your account and your client registration form and all accompanying documents must be approved by the Company. Upon the approval of your registration, you will be notified by e-mail. The Company may, in its sole discretion, request that in addition to online acceptance of this Agreement, Client must complete and submit any signed documents so required by the Company, including but not limited to this Agreement and the Risk Disclosure Statement.

Currency of Accounts

You will be able to open your trading Account(s) in US Dollar And Euro or any currency that may be offered by the Company. Account(s) balances will be calculated and reported to you in the currency in which Account(s) are maintained.


Placing of instructions

You may give us instructions in electronic form through the A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd Online Trading System. If any instructions are received by us by telephone, computer or other medium we may ask you to confirm such instructions in writing. We shall be authorized to follow instructions notwithstanding your failure to confirm them in writing. In this Agreement “instructions” and “orders” have the same meaning.

Types of Orders Accepted

Some of the types of orders the Company accepts include, but are not limited to:

  1. Good till Cancelled (“GTC”) - An order (other than a market order), that by its terms is effective until filled or cancelled by Client. GTC Orders are not automatically canceled at the end of the Business Day on which they are placed.
  2. Limit - An order (other than a market order) to buy or sell the identified market at a specified price. A limit order to buy generally will be executed when the ask price equals or falls below the bid price that you specify in the limit order. A limit order to sell generally will be executed when the bid price equals or exceeds the ask price that you specify in the limit order.
  3. Market- An order to buy or sell the identified market at the current market price that the Company provides via the Online Trading System. An order to buy is executed at the current market ask price and an order to sell is executed at the current market bid price.
  4. One Cancels the Other (“OCO”) - An order that is linked to another order. If one of the orders is executed, the other will be automatically cancelled.
  5. Stop Loss - A stop loss order is an instruction to buy or sell a market at a price which is worse than the opening price of an open position (or worse than the prevailing price when applying the stop loss order to an already open position). It can be used to help protect against losses. Please note that because of market gapping, the best available price that may be achieved could be materially different to the price set on the stop loss order and as such, stop loss orders are not guaranteed to take effect at the price for which they are set.
  6. Trailing Stop - A trailing stop is the same as a stop loss order with the only difference being that, instead of setting a price at which the order is activated, the trailing stop order is activated at a fixed distance from the market price. For example, if Client has purchased a long open position and the market ask price increases, the trailing stop price will also increase and will trail behind the market ask price at the fixed distance set by Client. If the market ask price then decreases, the trailing stop price will remain fixed at its last position and if the market ask price reaches the trailing stop price, the order will be executed. Please note that because of market gapping, the best available price that may be achieved could be materially different to the price set on the trailing stop order and as such, trailing stop orders are not guaranteed to take effect at the fixed distance for which they are set.

Following submission of an order, it is your sole responsibility to remain available for order and fill confirmations, and other communications regarding your Account until all open orders are completed. Thereafter, you must monitor your Account frequently when you have open positions in the Account.

Your order shall be valid in accordance with the type and time of the given order, as specified. If the time of validity or expiration date/time of the order is not specified, it shall be valid for an indefinite period.

Terms of Acceptance for Orders

It is your sole responsibility to clearly indicate the terms of an order when entered, whether it is a market order, limit order, stop loss order or any other type of order, including the relevant price and lot size. You acknowledge and agree that, despite our best efforts, the price at which execution occurs may be materially different to the price specified in your order. This may result from sudden price movements in the underlying assets that are beyond our control. The Company shall have no liability for failure to execute orders. The Company shall have the right, but not the obligation, to reject any order in whole or in part prior to execution, or to cancel any order, where your Account contains margin that is insufficient to support the entire order or where such order is illegal or otherwise improper.

Execution Policy

We are required to have an execution policy and to provide our clients with appropriate information in relation to our execution policy. Where you place orders with us, the execution factors that we consider and their relative importance is as set out below:

  1. Price. The relative importance we attach is “high”.
  2. Speed. The relative importance we attach is “high”.
  3. Likelihood of execution and settlement. The relative importance we attach is “high”.
  4. Size. The relative importance we attach is “high”.

We are the counterparty to every order you place with us and therefore we are the only execution venue.


We shall be entitled to act for you upon instructions given or purporting to be given by you or any person authorized on your behalf without further enquiry as to the genuineness, authority or identity of the person giving or purporting to give such instructions provided such instruction is accompanied by your correct Account number and password. If your Account is a joint account, you agree that we are authorized to act on the instructions of any one person in whose name the Account is held, without further inquiry. We shall have no responsibility for further inquiry into such apparent authority and no liability for the consequences of any actions taken or failed to be taken by us in reliance on any such instructions or on the apparent authority of any such persons.

Cancellation/withdrawal of instructions

Non-market orders may be cancelled via the A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd Online Trading System but we can only cancel your instructions if you explicitly request so, provided that we have not acted up to the time of your request upon those instructions. Executed instructions may only be withdrawn or amended by you with our consent. The Company shall have no liability for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses, including legal fees, arising directly or indirectly out of the failure of such order to be cancelled.

Right not to accept orders

We may, but shall not be obliged to, accept instructions to enter into a Transaction. If we decline to enter into a proposed Transaction, we shall not be obliged to give a reason but we shall promptly notify you accordingly.

Control of orders prior to execution

We have the right (but not the obligation) to set limits and/or parameters to control your ability to place orders at our absolute discretion. Such limits and/or parameters may be amended, increased, decreased, removed or added to by us at our absolute discretion and may include (without limitation):

  1. controls over maximum order amounts and maximum order sizes;
  2. controls over our total exposure to you;
  3. controls over prices at which orders may be submitted (to include (without limitation) controls over orders which are at a price which differs greatly from the market price at the time the order is submitted to the order book);
  4. controls over the Electronic Services (to include (without limitation) any verification procedures to ensure that any particular order or orders has come from you); and/or
  5. any other limits, parameters or controls which we may be required to implement in accordance with Applicable Regulations.

Trade Adjustments

Clients must be aware that Forex transactions carry a high degree of risk. The amount of initial margin may be small relative to the value of the foreign currency so that transactions are ‘leveraged’ or ‘geared’. A relatively small market movement may have a proportionately larger impact on the funds that the Client has deposited or will have to deposit. This may work against as well as for the client.

The Company exclusively reserves the right to widen its variable spreads, adjust leverage, change its rollover rates and/or increase the margin requirements without notice under certain market conditions including, but not limited to, when the trading desk is closed, around fundamental announcements, as a result of changes in credit markets and/or at times of extreme market volatility. In such circumstances, the Client agrees to indemnify the Company for any and all losses that may occur due the widening of spreads and the adjustment of leverage.

Execution of orders

We shall use our reasonable endeavours to execute any order promptly, but in accepting your orders we do not represent or warrant that it will be possible to execute such order or that execution will be possible according to your instructions. If we encounter any material difficulty relevant to the proper carrying out of an order on your behalf we shall notify you promptly.


At the end of each trading day, confirmations for all Transactions that we have executed on your behalf on that trading day will be available via your online Account on our website, which is updated online as each Transaction is executed. Confirmation of execution and statements of your Account(s), in the absence of manifest error, shall be deemed correct, conclusive and binding upon you if not objected to imm

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 87.10% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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